2. Progress


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1. Glasses Clean Up

I used my photo of my hand that was meant for painting the sky as the hand that is holding the glasses.

I put a gradient background so as to see the layers better. While deleting the excess negative area I wanted to make sure no specks were left behind.

1.1 Glasses Lense

Using the above photo I Rotated and Duplicated/Mirrored it

Right  Mouse Click [aka RMC]
[RMC] Layer: lt.lens (Left Lense) under the Layers Tool Tab (Thingy) > Duplicate Layer > Named Layer: rt.lens

Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontally

Heal Brushes/Patch Tools  [J] + Clone Tool [S] + Blur/Smudge Tool
Used to bridge the nose portion of the glasses after estimating the distance.

*To Trim: (“Trimmed” when mentioned again in future steps.)

Magic Wand [W]2 + Polygnal Lasso [L]2
=to select
Select [L] (Glasses) > Invert Selection [Shift+Ctrl+I] > Feather[Shift + F6] > Delete (More than Once)
= To smooth out the look of the edges

Paintbrush> Clear Mode (it’s like an eraser)

merges layers [Ctrl+E] and rename “Glasses”


Add the Hand. New Layer.
Used clone tools+ ([J]/[S]) to make the paintbrush vanish.

The Lt.Hand Layer is above the Glasses layer
Used Masking Layer on the Lt.Hand layer. I selected the glasses and switched to the Lt.Hand Mask layer and deleted.

[Make sure the MASK is selected when deleting and not the image.]

(note that the mask is the black and white image next to the image.)

I used the brush on the mask layer to bring back the thumb of my hand as it should be “on top” of the glasses to hold it.


I took the above picture and Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontally
and Trimmed it. and Used the clone tool+([J]/[S]) to get rid of the paint brush again.

The “fade into the lense” part was pretty tricky.

[[I feel like I should have used a mask for everything because recovering something hidden by a mask is way better than starting from the beginning because I deleted some part of something and decided I should have kept it.]]

What I did though was, Copy Rt.Hand 3 times [Ctrl+J] (saved one layer hidden in case of mess ups) and had the other two become Rt.Hand.Behind and Rt.Hand.Top

I cut layer:rhTop so that the part of the hand that is going through the lense were cut out.
I cut layer:rhBehind so that it will be only the part of the hand that is going through the glasses. [Now that I think though I don’t this this part was necessary.]

Both pieces of the right hand are linked(with tool seen below) so they don’t move away from each other in the actual image, but RhBehind will have other layers (lenses layers in the future) between itself and RhTop and thus shouldn’t be merged together.


I found on google, a picture of a red ripple.
I inverted the color to blue and white. I duplicated [Ctrl+J], rotated and bent the image [Ctrl+T] 3 times so as to make it seem that my hands were touching the lens and the lens were rippling because of my hands.
For my right lense I lowered the opacity of the one on top so that both ripples can show through.


 This was thrown in just to be a background image.

 This is the world beyond the glasses. Made to fit the lenses using the Masking and thus I can move the land around to the best position through the lense.

 This (from google) is a part of the portal-lense to make the world beyond the lense look more surreal. I gave it the mode: Overlay and it gave a pretty neat color to the world behind it as well as my fingers that are going though the lense.

For the Ripples of the Lenses I’ve made them into just black lines.

I’ve made the ripples grayscale by entirely desaturating it.

Image>Adjustment>Hue/Saturation [Ctrl+U]
Drag saturation all the way to the left for pure grayscale.

To bring out the contrast:
Image>Adjustment>Levels [Ctrl+L]

You’d probably see a mountain like this:

I dragged the left triangle toward the right so that it was at the base of the mountain or even a little closer/tighter. I also dragged the right triangle to the left some toward the bottom of the slope that directly comes from the peak.

I then used the Mode: Multiply on all of the ripple lenses and then brought down each of their opacity to around 65% so that the black lines of the ripples weren’t too overbearing on the lense.


To make it so that i’m not using a poorly cropped and overly bright right hand in contrast with my left, I fused the fingers of my right hand with the base of my left hand and arm.

The fingers are still bright in the picture above so I think I will try to pull off some shining light coming from the lense as my fingers slip through.

I duplicated the right.hand.top layer (just in case) and duplicated the left hand.
I Flipped the left hand [edit>transform>flip horizontally] and moved and layed it under the right-hand-top.

I used the quick select tool  [W] on the RH-Top layer and cut out the back of the hand and the bright spot. I then merged down [Ctrl+E]. And used the clone tools+ ([J]/[S]) to clean up edges and used the brush tool[B] mode:clear (or the eraser) to even out the knuckles.


I switched the background for a lighter but more mundane looking background and made it more interesting by bringing forth grass.

For the white glow I created a brand new layer and just used a really soft edged brush and white. I brushed around the fingers lightly. I used the mode:Overlay on this layer. This layer is above all other layers.

For the three blades of grass that is sticking out and are between the glasses / hands and the “audience view” I used a masking layer. This layer is now the one that is in front of all layers. I negated the entirety of the layer through the mask and then drew [on the mask layer still] on the general blades of grass that I saw that should be in front. Thus this top layer is now actually just three grass tips. [But I also have the option of deciding if I wanted other grass blades to come out on top through the mask.]

I cleaned up the grass-blades edges using a polygonal tool with delete and the blur tools to make the grass “closer to the camera” and out of focus a bit.


I changed the event_horizon layer to Overlay and changed the landscape of the “other world” to trees from the following picture:

Because I changed “This world” to be in a grassy area, it felt proper to change the “other world” to the sky.

The glass lens area is masked so the “other world” cam be adjusted to the best position freely behind the lens. After positioned the layer was duplicated and the layer that was above the other had its mode changed to Color Dodge so that there was a surreal brightness to the dark realm beyond the glasses.

To complete my sleeves and extend my arms I copied my sleeves and duplicated[Ctrl+J] shifted, skewed[Ctrl+T] and cut and blurred until they looked like the sleeves of my jacket. (I was wearing the exact jacket that’s in the picture to make sure it looked right.)

After merging them [with Ctrl+E] I patched and cloned [J+S] to fuses the sleeves pieces together.

For the Final Touches I Adjusted the Levels of the Background and my hands so that the colors and shades deepened and felt like all of the pieces of my picture had similar contrast and nothing felt muddy or flat which would have made it feel out of place.

Last thing I did was crop the edges to a good size and made sure no white edges existed in the final product.

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One response to “2. Progress

  1. I really like how you were able to capture another environment in the glasses. I like how the colors of the two are very different, it makes the part inside the glasses pop out. Really nice job!!

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