Loads of my problems will be ending tomorrow for better or for worse.

I hope I studied enough and hope that my projects are acceptable.

Good Night.


Can’t Wait for the End of School

…because if I didn’t have Projects to work on and Finals to study for I would be working on Finalizing this website to perfection!

I’m pretty upset at the poor quality it’s currently is at the moment. More than half of the pages are incomplete, some projects are completed but not up on the site yet, navigation is still difficult (I want to make a “site map” page), and there seems to be so much I can do to make this better.

I have to write my Case Study for Digital Imaging today so I can work on my Final Presentation for Digital Video on Sunday.

I’ll be getting back to that now.



This weekend was hectic…
Well in my mind it was.

I’ve been feeling the stress from loosing a week (note April 13th’s post) and I had to deal with it by abandoning some work to get other work done.

Picking what’s top priority made me crazy! 😦 I had to put aside one homework to get the majority of my homework done. (I chose to get Digital Imaging: Collage and Digital Video: Music Video Storyboarding over Voice and Diction: Assignment.4 [Documentary].) I still have 3D animation to get done, too.

Collage was pretty much completed on Monday; I worked on my Final’s Storyboard on Friday, and it wasn’t actually finished but I was able to get a lot of detailed work into planning half the song and I have beautiful messy notes on my lyrics paper.

I did work on my Voice and Diction Documentary Paper but I only got some research done. I printed many pages of information, but I still have to personally look up the information in the information. (What I mean is, to check the info and links in the [for example] wiki page and double-check/prove the information with a true source.) This is all I had even though it is due today, however, my professor is giving me some time to present it. (She’s wonderful!)

 I still need my ‘solid sources’ and probably getting ‘index card notes’ done before working on the paper itself… and even then… IT HAS TO BE DONE BY THURSDAY. Q_Q

My current schedule:
Never any time on Monday (Classes all day)
Got meetings on Tuesday with Branca (Mentor) and then Suzette (Classmate [Dance Class Practice for Wed’s Performance]) {Maybe fit in some 3D Animation Homework of “make a ball bounce”}
Wednesday I have to be in the theater at 10:30/10:45 ish for the 11:00 Dance Class Performance; Complete 3D animation homework {and MAYBE get started on my Documentary}; 3D animation class at 6:30 at Peekskill (leave house at 5/5:30)

There’s STILL no time to get my Documentary done! OTL

I’m so dead tired already…
Who ever may read this: wish me luck!


3D Batch Rendering

3 hours and 30 minutes left to render (according to the estimate of 3 minutes per frame and 66 frames left.)

The sound of my computer is *whiiirrrr whhhhhhh…. whiiiiirrrrrr* And then it quites down when it gets ready to do the next frames.

Sounds like the spinning Hard Drive I think.

HEY DOYLE TEXT ME. I’m sure you have no idea how to get started with batch rendering and class is tonight! In total my rendering time was from 4 am to probably 3 pm. That’s 11 hours-ish. You don’t have that kind of time bro. You should get started ASAP.

Collage Get

I just posted my first (and currently only idea) for my Collage Project of Digital Imaging.

So far things have been ok. It has just been a hassle to keep up with homework since my jet-lag from three weeks ago has residual effects on me. I just got my Voice and Diction homework done at 5 or 6 am last night (a.k.a. this morning). That’s beautifully done and over with. (100pt YAY ^w^) ….

[Warning: Remembered something totally important…]
OH GOSH I have to get my 3D animation thing done!!! It has to be FULLY RENDERED by Wednesday! (because its super rendering time I HAVE to be able to render it tonight and thus LOCKING my computer all evening and night! 
(no minecraft, no skype, no league of legends… :C  sad face….) DS games to the rescue!!

And I must keep in mind that next week is the last day for my classes! The LAST CHANCE week! Danger, danger!

And besides getting homework done… I have to get my resume made! There’s one internship that I’m aiming for at BTX as a graphic designer. They were at career and transfer day at school … last month was it? I have to get it sent before April is done! :S

4-16 DI

apparently collage draft was due today

and Cubism should be pretty much finished and presentable.

=-=;; zzz

I’m still dead head.